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Term and Condition

1. RESERVATION GUARANTEE : A written confirmation is required to guarantee the arrangement, together with the accommodation reserved at Hotel Tugu Bali, to block the required space and to prepare all necessary arrangement. At least two (2) days in advance confirmation is needed for guests that are not staying at Hotel Tugu Bali. Space will be based upon availability.

2. CANCELLATION & NO SHOW POLICY : 100% cancellation fee is applicable when the booking is cancelled within 48 hours prior to dinner date and time and 50% cancellation fee is applicable when the booking is cancelled within 72 hours prior to dinner date and time.

Changing the booking date is allowed ONE time only (depends on the availability) before cancellation policy takes effect. (in case guests are sick or any other force majeure). If the weather does not permit on the day of the event, the guests agree hereby to have it at one of our indoor private romantic dining venues.

Waroeng Tugu

Pesan tanggal / waktu

From Rp995.000 per session

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Slot waktu yang tersedia akan muncul di bawah setelah memilih tanggal
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