What is Porttie?

Who is a Porttie Partner?

What we provide:

  •  airport lounges in all over Indonesia
  •  airport service: fast track airport service, baggage handling, baggage wrapping, porter, etc.
  • tour packages
  • seaport: fast boat, cruise, etc.
  • souvenirs
  • etc.

We are constantly looking for more merchants who provide services or souvenir at ports (airport, seaport, bus stop) all over Indonesia.

                Interested to be our Partner / Merchant? Please contact us on +62 811-3961-522 (Whatsapp)  or email us at info@porttie.com.

 Why Join us as our Partner / Merchants?

Save a lot of their time and let your customers choose what they need.
why waste time explaining the price and service facility for your customers while they can do it themselves easily.
Promote your service facility
As a partner, you can add and promote your free services to Porttie users
Get customers easily from us
when your customers start using Porttie, you will also instantly appear in our partner list and get customers from us
Only accept valid orders / reservations
we require everyone to confirm their data, phone number and their email address before you receive their order / reservation and they will make payment directly at Porttie website.

How To Book

How To Use