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tas ekologis terbuat dari jute (bahan daur ulang serat alami) 100% karya tangan pengerajin tas asal Bali ————————————————————————— eco bag made of jute (recycled natural cotton) 100% handmade by Balinese bag artisan

Rp 60.000,00

Diameter : 5cm Shell size : 2x1cm Mohon cantumkan warna (hitam atau putih) pada kolom keterangan —————————————- Bracelet diameter: 5cm shell size: 2x1cm Please let us know what color you choosen (black or white) on description column

Rp 180.000,00

bahan: anyaman rotan asli Gianyar bagian dalam : lining batik diameter : 20cm tinggi : 7cm Penutup: bentuk pita dan klip Tali bisa disesuaikan (diperpanjang atau diperpendek) Mohon beritahu warna yang diinginkan. Ready Stock 🙂 ————————————————– Approximate diameter: 8″ (20 cm) width: 3.5″ (8 cm) leather shoulder straps length: 50″ (126 cm) let me know [...]

Rp 192.500,00

Handmade Beautiful Woven Shawl Songket Lombok Bali Antique Textille Ikat Gold Embroidery Malay Melayu Traditional Vintage Party Fashion Soccer Asian Indonesian Accessories

Rp 385.000,00

2018 New Women Rattan Leather Combination Handmade Bag Vintage Funky Traditional Bali Lombok Javanese Summer Spring Shoulder Woven Ladies Tote Fashionable Satchel

Rp 715.000,00

Lombok Beautiful Handmade Woven and Leather Bag Unique Vintage Real Satchel Sling Sling Shoulder Women Girls Ladies Straw Crossbody Special Bali Party Gift

Rp 330.000,00

  • This beautiful and fashionable handclutch bag is made from woven endek fabric (Bali-Indonesia). Inside: the material is made from suede fabric.
  • There is silver magnet to keep your belonging safe.
  • Perfect fit for ladies or even young girls. A good choice for wedding.
  • 100% brand new and original. It is handmade.  It is perfect for a gift.
  • Material :Woven Endek Bali, Clutch Silver Magnet
  • Color : Red: Apple, Blush and Wine

Rp 3.500.000,00

  • Condition 100% new and high quality.
  • Unique, handmade, and made from mabe pearl with solid sterling silver. Designed with stunning sporty and elegant looks.
  • Perfect for daily use and easty to take off or to wear.
  • Limited edition. It is a great gift to your friends or yourself. Package include: 1 pcs necklace.
  • material : Solid sterling silver mabe pearl
  • color : White, Dark grey
  • size : Brooch (L: 6 cm, diameter: 1.8 cm). Chocker (diameter: 13 cm)